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Home Training
For your children, choose qualified and trained coaches. English'It will put you in touch with experienced English teachers and student-teachers to raise the academic level of your children at affordable and reasonnable prices.
Contact us and find the appropriate English home teacher for your children in Benin !
English'It can also help you find home teachers in Spanish, French, German, Philosophy, History and geography, etc.
Get a special course to learn English in no time with English'It trainers !
Translation of documents
English'It provides you with its expertise in translation. Our translators are well trained and up-to-date on different expressions from here and elsewhere in various fields.
We offer you French to English, English to French translations. You can also ask for French to Spanish, Spanish to French, and French to German, German to French translation.
English'It assure quality along with affordable cost.
Correction of texts
No time to proofread your defense text ? Do you need professionnals to correct your grammar, your vocabulary ?
Are you a writer ? If you need someone else to check for the concordance in your writings, English'It treats your work with the greatest care.
Contact us for your French or English text proofreading.
Content Creation / Web Writing
English'It is specialized in creating qualified content for your website. We give life to your ideas, we help you make your brand blosom.
English'It web writers are experienced, giving you optimized SEO content at a competitive cost.
We offer this service in English or French languages.
Let's discuss on your project: Contact us.

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