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Poem: Shine, Beautiful Morning, Shine

Shine beautiful morning shine
So I can say what I have in mind
Tell me all my people are fine
That love and power shall be mine
Show the whole world you're kind
Shine beautiful morning shine
Please waste no time

By Salomé Djossou

Poem: Africa's Slavery

Africa was joyful
As a beautiful young mother
Africa's drums rumbled, gladful
They were dancing, her sons and daugthers

But, wind transported the sounds
Attracting this dark ship of whites
The ship of these unmerciful slavers

They have followed these sounds of freedom
And accosted proudly as MEDESIS
Ready to spread hurt,to destroy this kingdom
Kingdom whose children had received them kindly

Here they were, merchant, missio­nary, military,
To plunder Africa like bloodsuckers
Africa whose children wasn't at the end of their sorrow

By Segnon Agbonoukon

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